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Welcome to Delhi 6 Restaurant
We welcome you all to the Restaurant which has learnt the art of street food from the Legends in Old Delhi and deliver you here in Berlin at Friedrich strasse 237 – 400 meters from Checkpoint Charlie and 200 meters from Jewish Museum.

Namaste / Adab / Sat Sri Akal
Your Delhi6 Team


… they met serving Indian food in a restaurant in Berlin. Fate brought both of them from Delhi (India) to Berlin (Germany). However, It was not India and Germany common in their lives but many more things which they discovered every single day of their future brotherhood.

One night, tired Physically and mentally from work, they talked about all the common thoughts what they had in their mind. The conversation was long but interesting, sad but important, funny but witty and direct.


A very Special place full of magic – here many religions and cultures live together with thousand multifaceted of fragrances, colours and sounds, which could take you into another world. This is one of the oldest, biggest and busiest bazaars of India and the world. In the 17th Century, this square called “Chandni Chowk” also called “Delhi 6” was designed by Princess Jahanara the favourite daughter of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. Today it is also the oldest and the largest wholesale market for almost everything in India.

Here at Friedrisch Strasse 237 the dream came true of a Moonlight Market. Delhi 6 Restaurant (Delhi 6 is the nick name for Old Delhi where 6 is the postcode of Chandni Chowk) – The name was chosen after understanding the importance of worth it would deliver to the restaurant. They ordered everything from Delhi 6 – interior, furniture, lamps, dishes, spices, recepies, materials, etc to give the restaurant a similar image of Delhi 6 which the guest could also cherish in Berlin.


On the menu are Indian and some international dishes, carefully selected ingredients and recipes. The biological aspect is operated with offers and specialties from the surrounding area. The manageable range of food to lure more through sophistication and uniqueness than by price-performance ratio. The menu will entice guests to India, covering a business lunch as well as the gourmet aspect of the evening.

Daily specials, seasonal specialties and provide for demand. Regular rotation of the deals offer plenty of space for a variety of tastes. In the morning, the “To-Go business” for businessmen and workers should initially a small breakfast menu offered during the week. The weekend, especially Sunday makes sense to establish a market position in the brunch area as it nearby is no comparable offering, among other.


The concept and vision was to create a restaurant with a very reliable, interactive, fast and friendly service. Where you could eat good looking and tasty food.
Dear Guests – We “Welcome” you all from bottom of our heart in your personal moonlight market here at Delhi 6 Restaurant. The concept does not just want our guests to taste good Delhi food but also let them enjoy other Delhi elements or products sitting in the restaurant or buy them and take them home.
Look around you – the elements in your surrounding have been brought for you from all over Delhi 6 market which gives us the opportunity to serve you on yours special order. Please ask for any special queries with your waiter/waitress.
We hope we could give you a special Indian feeling with the coulourful warm atmosphere and our excellent traditional food.
Enjoy the concept, relax and feel Delhi in Berlin.

Namaste/Adaab/Sat Sri Akal

Your Delhi6 Team