We have New Menu Card from 01.05.2023

  • 10Daal Shorbaveg5,20

    lentil soup with spices & herbs

  • 11Tomater Shorbaveg5,20

    fresh tomato soup – garnished with cream

  • 12Mulligatewney Shorba5,90

    traditional indian curry chicken soup with chicken breast fillet, spices & fine herbs

  • 13Sabzi Shorbaveg5,90

    mixed gegetable soup with mild indian spices

All hot appetizers are served with three homemade delicious sauces. (Chicken served at Delhi 6 is halal helal)

  • 01Samosa Chatveg7,50€

    samosas filled with spicy potatoes & served with chickpeas – garnished with sweet yogurt, tamarind, mint sauce & chat masala

  • 02Papad Paneer Pakorasveg6,90€

    homemade cheese in spicy papadam dough fried (crispy)

  • 03Papad Chicken Pakorashalal6,90

    chicken breast fillet stripes in spicy papadamous dough fried (crispy)

  • 04Burasi Kababveg7,50

    grated potatoes, Indian cheese, beetroot, diced capsicum & spices, formed into balls & deep-fried until crispyness

  • 05Bhara Mirchi Pakorasveg6,90

    fresh Pimentos Chilis with a homemade filling of spicy-spiced stamping potatoes – in chickpea flour turned & crispy fried

  • 06Kurkuri Bhindiveg6,90

    fresh okra pods in spicy chickpea flour & deep fried until crispy

  • 20Choley Bhaturey Thaliveg17,90€

    a classic from the Punjab with chickpeas, ginger, garlic, tomatoes & onions – cooked with a wide range of spices, for an irresistible aroma – served with 2 bhatura breads, rice, raita, achaar & dessert

  • 21Pav Bhaji Thaliveg17,90€

    popular street food court a vegetable curry (bhaji) – cooked intomato sauce – served with soft rolls (pav), fresh onions & butter on top – served with salad, achaar, raita & dessert

  • 22VeganThalivegan19,90

    3 different vegan dishes with indian roti bread, rice, lettuce, salad, achaar, raita & dessert

  • 23Veg. Thaliveg19,90

    3 different vegetarian dishes consisting of paneer, lentils, vegetables, rice, salad, achaar, raita & dessert

  • 24Delhi 6 Special Thali21,90

    4 different dishes with chicken, lamb, fish & vegetables – served with butter naan bread, rice, salad, achaar, raita & dessert. Everyone should have tried it once!

please order the side dishes separately if you wish

  • 50Daal Makhini9,90€

    black lentils slowly cooked overnight according to the house recipe in a fine tomato butter sauce

  • 51Palak Paneer10,90

    a traditional punjabi dish made from spinach & pieces of indian cheese, cooked with butter, ginger & cream

  • 52Okra Masala (Vegan)vegan10,90

    fresh cut okra pods fried with onions & tomatoes in a homemade masala sauce

  • 54Kadai Paneer10,90

    homemade indian cream cheese prepared in a wok with fresh green capsicum, tomatoes, onien, ginger, garlic, herbs & spices

  • 53Malai Kofta10,90

    homemade potato balls made from cream cheese, cashews, almonds & raisins in a delicately spicy & very creamy cashew-based sauce

  • 55Sabzi Jalfrezivegan10,90

    vegetable curry prepared from mixed vegetables, onion, tomato, capsicum in cooked in a slightly spicy tomato sauce

Side Dishes

please order the side dishes separately if you wish

  • 30Bhatura3,20

    deep fried bread made from wheat flour

  • 31Naan3,20

    freshly baked in tandoor

  • 32Butter Naan3,20

    freshly baked in tandoor – garnished with butter

  • 33Garlic Naan3,20

    freshly baked in tandoor – garnished with butter & garlic

  • 34Aaloo Pyaz Kulcha5,90

    unique combination of fresh baked bread filled with potatoes, onions & garlic

  • 35Paneer Pyaz Kulcha5,90

    unique combination of fresh baked bread filled with paneer, onions & garlic

  • 36Butter Roti3,20

    freshly baked wheat bread in tandoor – garnished with butter

  • 37Basmatireis

    freshly steamed
    small : 2,90
    large: 3,90

  • 38Europäischer Salat

    green salat with honey - mustard dressing
    small : 3,50
    large: 5,50

  • 39Desi Salat

    indian style with lemon & chili
    small : 3,50
    large: 5,50

  • 40Achaar

    mixed pickles (pickled vegetables)
    small : 1,90
    large: 2,90

  • 41Boondi Raita

    yoghurt with the finest Indian Spices & Boondi
    small : 2,50
    large: 3,50

please order the side dishes separately if you wish

  • 80Chicken Curry10,90€

    chicken breast fillet in curry sauce – pre- pared in traditional north indian way

  • 81Chicken Korma10,90€

    tender chicken breast pieces slowly braised in a rich - creamy sauce made from cashews, yoghurt & aromatic spices – refined with cream

  • 82Chicken Makhini (Butter chicken)11,90€

    grilled boneless chicken in special makhini sauce (butter tomato sauce) & ex- quisite spices, from the heart of Delhi

  • 83Chicken Tikka Masala12,90€

    chicken breast fillet marinated with ginger, garlic, yoghurt & exotic spices –WW grilled in tandoor & served in north indian curry sauce

please order the side dishes separately if you wish

  • 60Lamb Shahi Korma12,90€

    lamb breast pieces braised in a creamy sauce made from cashews, yoghurt and spices – refined with cream

  • 61Bhuna Gosht Masaledar13,90€

    finest lamb slowly in one noth indian spice mix & masala sauce

  • 62Kadai Lamb12,90€

    lamb prepared in a wok with fresh bell pepper, tomato, ginger & garlic, fresh herbs and spices

  • 63Lamb Vindaloo13,90€

    a popular, spicy Indian dish from Goa, with tender pieces of lamb, baked potatoes in a savory coconut milk sauce

please order the side dishes separately if you wish

  • 70Goan Fish Curry13,90€

    salmon fillet with grilled vegetables on Sizzler, served with goan curry sauce

  • 71Tandoori Fish Tikka13,90

    salmon fillet grilled in an indian clay oven – served with grilled vegetables on a sizzler, with a fine curry sauce

  • 90Scampi Curry Spezial13,90

    a specialty of our chef – shrimp curry

  • 91Scampi Kadai

    scampi’s prepared in a wok with fresh bell pepper, tomato, ginger & garlic, fresh herbs & spices

  • 92TandooriScampiTikka14,90

    scampis marinated in yoghurt for 24 hours homemade spice mix – in the Indian clay oven (Tandoor) baked. On Sizzler in curry sauce served

for Biryani fans we offer chicken or lamb biryani from 5 pm onwards. Please ask your waitress or waiter about „biryani of the day“

  • DUM BIRYANI17,50€

    An aromatic & flavourful, classic Dum Biryani, is a favourite recipe amongst all Indian households. We serve it with mint sauce, achaar & raita for a perfect main course!

  • 100Gulab Jamun6,90€

    semolina balls filled with pistachios & cardamom – fried in sugar syrup

  • 101Gulab Jamun mit Eis7,50€

    warm semolina balls with exotic fruits & vanilla ice cream

  • 102baked ice cream7,50

    2 scoops of vanilla ice cream fried in a biscuit batter

  • 103ice cream with fruits7,50